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Cold smoker cabinets made from solid oak

Cold smokers are great for smoking fish, meat, nuts, cheese, butter and many other foods.

The RoughStuff Smoker cabinet is handmade from English oak in our prison. As it is used and ages the oak adds to the flavour. 
We have been inspired to recreate the beauty and ambiance of the traditional coastal fish smoker.
We also make a larger smoker ideal as a functional feature outside your restaurant.

Lift off the lid and place or hang the food from the oak slats.
The Smoker cabinet has been designed to work with the Artisan CSG by Mac BBQ Ltd

Large Cold Smoker

The free standing oak cold smoker has been designed to create a WOW outside your restaurant. Customers will experience the smoking process as they arrive; not only will it smell fantastic, it will look great too.

The smoker has bars to hold the large, perforated, stainless steel gastronorms. Alternatively, food can be hung from the hanging rail.

To load the unit simply detach the front door and slide in the gastronorms. To create smoke either use a specialist electrical filament or a sawdust smoking system (not supplied). 

To order simply email or phone us on 01923 267077 with your requirements and we will provide a quote and designs for your approval.